the TVXQ is LOVE community!

the TVXQ is LOVE community!
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tvxq.com - official website
toho-jp.net - official website (Japanese)
Bigeaststation - Japanese radio show

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Welcome to the largest LJ community dedicated to Korean pop sensation, Dong Bang Shin Gi, also known as Tohoshinki (Japan), TVXQ and DBSK. Our membership is made up of a large, diverse group of people, hailing from countries all over the world. New fans, old fans, prospective fans, whatever group you belong to, you are welcome to join!

Here at DBSGComm, sharing media downloads, pics, and news is encouraged. We have a few guidelines regarding filesharing and posting. If you are a new member, it would be to your benefit to read them. They are posted HERE.

Feel free to explore and please join us to keep up with the latest happenings!
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+ The Group

TVXQ is a five-member pop group hailing from South Korea managed under SM Entertainment. After debuting on December 26, 2003 the group quickly rose to popularity in Korea and gained a steady following internationally. In 2005, they debuted in Japan under the Avex/Rhythm Zone label with the name Tohoshinki. Since then, they have broken records never before set by a foreign group, with six number-one singles on the Oricon chart. Now they are not only one of the most popular groups in Asia, but have also become fairly well-known internationally, and their popularity is only growing. To reflect this, they have performed in several countries (America, China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand) and have released material in several languages (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English).

The group is composed of multi-talented young men, gifted in song, composition and dance, who are also blessed with charisma, dedication and perseverence. Their stage names are: Hero, Max, Micky, Xiah and U-Know.


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