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the TVXQ is LOVE community!
MBC Star Audition 2010, Please support us! 
27th-Nov-2010 02:45 pm

 Hi cassies~
I'm writing you all to ask for a favor ^^
Well, this year the korean channel, MBC made a global audition through youtube, I have a group that makes covers of DBSK and we auditioned, but to get into the final, they made a voting system...
There are two groups, first MBC will let people select the 500 first auditions and then the MBC judges will choose 50 among the 500.
We aren't expecting to be among the 50... we know that there are people much talented than us, but to be into the 500 it would be really nice, we just want to be a little bit known for what we do and love.
The voting system doesn't let us to give you a single link, 'cause they made a special voting system. We submited 2 videos, both are different parts of the DBSK song Love in the Ice, the first part and the last part of the song.

With the voting system that they made is kind of hard to find us, 'cause in the tag our country (Chile) doesn't appear... so as the DBSK and Pop tag... so the easiest way to find our group is:

The link of website is: http://www.youtube.com/user/mbcaudition

You have to go to Gallery, and search it like this :

Country Tag: Other
Genre: Other
Tags: Star
Sort: Username (A-Z)

The last video on the second row [from left to right] and The first video on the third row [from left to right]
So... we are asking to you all for just one vote and view ^^... you can vote once a day, but watch it a lot of times :)... the voting starts today nov. 28th and finishes on dec. 3rd... so please~ try to vote as much as you can, and view it as much as you can too, make spam with it... everything you can do :3 it will mean a lot for us...


Thanks :)

9095 ★ 九十九十五


Edited :3 with the info that my friend gave me xD

PD: this is our facebook web page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/9095-jiu-shi-jiu-shi-wu/325853612162?v=wall
this is our youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NinetyNinetyFive
this is out twitter: _9095

Thanks to mod Jaejin <3!!!


28th-Nov-2010 05:09 am (UTC)
i will if you vote for me as well 8)

(everyone pretty much has to work together to get votes and views *sigh* =/)

if u dont want to thats fine as well ^.^ im not singing any dbsk tho >.