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the TVXQ is LOVE community!
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Welcome to the biggest Livejournal community dedicated to 동방신기 (Dong Bang Shin Ki) / 東方神起 (Tohoshinki)

We have 10,000+ members so please follow these 2 basic rules in order to keep this civilized:

★ Do not bash Dong Bang Shin Ki
★ Do not bash your fellow community members

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There are only 9 simple rules to follow that will keep everyone happy, including yourself =D

- The moderators of dbsg
4th-Mar-2009 12:07 pm - [MOD POST] Virus Warning
이효리 ☆ » 오늘도 못된다
Just a quick heads up to let you know about a virus that has been going around LJ recently. angel_9_lives brought it to my attention last night, and some of you may have seen a mod post on super_junior about it.

Basically, this virus apparently has been targetting larger communities. There have been instances of entire comms having all of their posts completely whiped out, and obviously we don't want that to happen here.

If you see any posts made by myself, jaejin, enacting, elunia, hyungie, or angel_9_lives, please be sure to check the subject line. We will always label our posts with either [MOD POST] or some other suitable label, should we be posting new request masterposts/advertisements/etc. If anything seems kind of fishy in the post itself, and/or the [MOD POST] label is missing, please PM or email one of us right away, and we will either delete it, or confirm that the post is legit.

For more information about this, check out this post here.

Thanks guys :)
( Junsu UFO Reply February 2nd )

( HoMin UFO Replies January 28th )

( HoMin UFO Replies February 1st & 2nd )
+ Chinese UFO 8D

( Changmin UFO Replies January 31st - February 1st )
+ I guarantee it's a great laugh.

Other Translations Posted at ourcrazylove:
(no links according to dbsg rules)
+ TVXQ Love & Beauty Recipe
+ What's In Web? THSK Interview
+ Basketball Players' Dance Teacher
+ Line-up for SMtown in Bangkok '09
+ Kobe Bigeast Fanmeet - Fan Account
+ Colors of Love B-Pass Interview (13 Pages!)
( Changmin UFO Replies January 17th - 19th )
+ Who is Changmin "doing"?

( Yunho UFO Replies January 19th )
+ Yunho's clothes disappeared?

( Yunjae UFO Replies January 21st )
+ Yunho doesn't want his fans overspending.

( HoMin UFO Replies January 23rd )
+ Changmin is going to beat up someone?

( JaeMin UFO Replies January 24th )
+ Aw, Min as a little boy.
( ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ )

+ A must see.
+ All of them reply, even Junsu
+ Jaejoong is seriously the KING of UFO this round.
+ YOOSU Reply.

fixed CUT. *HITS WALL*
[pictures] Singles - Limited Edition, January 2009
+ 143 PICTURES (including the hot, rejection ones)
( maturity, sexiness, charisma, cute, dorky, everything. )

[trans] BigEast Station 92 Preview
( i love the radio. )

[trans] HMV Asia Chart No.1
( + + + + + )

[trans] B-Pass Magazine
( the date. )

[trans] Jump Fiesta Interview
( haha junsu. )

All are seperate links.
know all your fantasies
Can anyone tell me which Bonjour Paris book this picture came from? Also, does anyone have a high resolution picture of this? I have been searching high and low for it for a long, long time:

15th-Dec-2008 12:03 am - [REQUEST] Help, please (:

Hello fellow DBSGComm members (:

I was wondering if anyone of you know if there are any kpop stores in San Francisco? I tried searching the net for kpop stores in California but all the shops the search returned were in LA. LA, unfortunately, is out of my itinerary, since I'm only visiting for Christmas and New Year's.

So if anyone of you knows where to buy kpop stuff (CDs, DVDs, whatever. 8D) in San Francisco/Lake Tahoe (LOL) please tell me.

I have no bribes, I am extremely sorry. But tell me if you want anything, and I can dig (if I have what you're looking for) through my collection of Joongie-centric photos in exchange for my requested info. :D
9th-Dec-2008 11:04 pm - Question
this is you and this is me
Can someone tell me where are they in this picture and can anyone post a high res version of it if possible? :-*

Picture under the cutCollapse )
8th-Dec-2008 02:01 am - [GIFS SPAM]
Love GIFs? Here's a dongbang gif spam~!
I will upload a mediafire link (that includes all the gifs) if you guys want it :)
6th-Dec-2008 06:58 pm - guess what?
permission granted by[info]azurer. thank you!

DongBangShinee Friending Meme @ aznexpress

Click the 2MIN BB ♥ 
edit; SORRY i made it f-list only @ first! ITS OPEN NOW
*hits head*
Omg omg! It's mirotic! It's been some time, and now they're performing Mirotic again! :)
This video has awesome quality, by the way. The starting part was a little different because they walked out to the
main/centre of the stage. *flies off to watch the rest of the performance*

081122 KBS Love Request - MIROTIC:

Credits: redberry94@Youtube

Watch HQ on Youtube! Cassies enjoy! :)