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Welcome to the biggest Livejournal community dedicated to 동방신기 (Dong Bang Shin Ki) / 東方神起 (Tohoshinki)

We have 10,000+ members so please follow these 2 basic rules in order to keep this civilized:

★ Do not bash Dong Bang Shin Ki
★ Do not bash your fellow community members

There are also some other community rules that must be followed in order to keep the community organized and spam free. Please take the time to read the full list HERE.

★ When posting an entry, please give it an appropriate subject and tag your entry.
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There are only 9 simple rules to follow that will keep everyone happy, including yourself =D

- The moderators of dbsg
[pictures] Singles - Limited Edition, January 2009
+ 143 PICTURES (including the hot, rejection ones)
( maturity, sexiness, charisma, cute, dorky, everything. )

[trans] BigEast Station 92 Preview
( i love the radio. )

[trans] HMV Asia Chart No.1
( + + + + + )

[trans] B-Pass Magazine
( the date. )

[trans] Jump Fiesta Interview
( haha junsu. )

All are seperate links.