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15th-Nov-2008 05:11 pm - Message to DBSK
I know after the MKMF and seeing Changmin cry, everyone's spirit is probably down. But I think we can channel our sadness/disappointment in better way than to bash the other winners or say how disappointed we are that dbsk didn't win.. because really, a few awards is NOT going to take away any of our love for them. I wish there's a way for us to all come together and tell dbsk how much we love them regarless of how many awards they win/not win. So instead of asking you to write an essay on ur thoughts of the MKMF, please comment by writing a message to dbsk, encouraging them, tell them how much you love them. Even though there's no way this post could reach them, but I think mental support is great at a time like this.

My former LJ was - shinhwa_forever - the reason why I changed my LJ account wasn't because I don't believe shinhwa is forever but I just kinda wanted a more versatile name. Also, I wanted to shed my old skin and start anew just because this time, I want to update! Sounds pretty committed doesn't it? I wonder, if I'll be able to carry it out XD


So on a good and happy - updating note - I'll like to talk about October 25th, 2008. So why is this such a special date? Well, as many of you guys know, it was the 2008 SM Global Auditions!

I'm sure you guys all know the different places SM decided to hold their auditions and of course, there was also Canada's wonderful & beautiful Vancouver!

I didn't try out because I had never been that interested in the entertainment industry, also probably because I'm in Nursing, I'm extremely busy and my mind is usually only set on saving people's lives; not entertaining them. So thats where our SM boys come in right? haha =)

Although, my sister is aiming to become a doctor, she still really wanted to try out because when she was young she had a dream of becoming a model/entertainer...

1st SM Global Audition Experience. Don't Be Afraid To Read! =)Collapse )

Hallo friends!

This's my first time that I've posted here in LJ.  Any mistake, pls tell me ^ ^

Just wanna know who agrees with me that Changmin's style at this moment looks like "Goergefrom Paradise Kiss by Yazawa AI.

Don't know who's Goerge (or Joji)?!!  OK~ Don't worry ,, I post some pics of him under cut to help you be able to see how they look the same... >///<


So what do you thinK!??  XD


Basically, DBSK’s fourth album showcase made my life. It was totally worth nine hours of waiting and a bad sunburn for two hours of awesome!

EDIT: Fancams and more pictures added! :D

too many words and bad fancams, yaaaay :D :D :DCollapse )
14th-Sep-2008 07:18 pm - Global fan directory

Comment with:
1) Name/nickname/username/etc
2) Location (not the exact address, but country, perhaps state/region, and city if you want)

IF i missed someone or made a mistake, let me know, PLEASE^^

lets find each other!!! :D
10th-Sep-2008 12:16 am - [Request] TVXQ Ringtones...
I´d like to know where can I found DBSK´s ringtones...

I hate my current ringtone so I´d like to try for first time a ringtone from my favourite group... <3
20th-Aug-2008 11:45 pm - [QUEST] JUNSU MILK MYSTERY
hello! i have a question about xiah junsu. i read that he hates milk but i also read that he typically buys it at a convenience store. does anyone know which is true? also, which flavour milk does he prefer? and if he doesn't drink milk, what does he drink? pictures welcome!

thank you!
2nd-Aug-2008 11:26 am - QUESTION: PASADENA FANMEET
Okay, I have returned yet again.
But this time, I'd like to know who can make it to a fanmeet/help me organize this.
Because from my previous post, I have knowledge that a bunch of you are either in my area or pretty close to me.
So let's get together and make this work~!!


<3 Hyebin
23rd-Jul-2008 07:31 pm - Any fans going to Otakon??
bunny alfred
A possible gathering if I find out if there are any (so far 4 XD)

Let me know if you're attending so we can all chill on Thursday or something.^^
(Is anyone cosplaying balloons? I want to see T_T)

Fangathering @ 4 pm @ Edo Sushi. Thursday.
Be thar D:

(and if you need a hotel I also have space @_@)
I wasn't planning on translating the Hanako West magazine article since I don't have a lot of patience for translating, but someone asked, so here it is.

All of the interviews are really interesting & insightful: Junsu and god, Jaejoong and learning how to sing, Yunho with a never before revealed fact (I never ever, even heard about this), Yoochun with his childhood dream, and Changmin on being an artist. Several parts were also rather ROFLMAO hahah. Enjoy.

"I am able to sing now because God has granted my prayers."

I added their favorite artists & DBSK song. Jaejoong says Yoochun & him composed TWO songs on "T"?!? I also made some minor changes & added more translations on Yunho's part about his father. :D
20th-Jun-2008 01:11 am - Tohoshinki's popularity in Japan?
bunny alfred
I was talking to some of my friends in Japan and they were saying Tohoshinki is still not really quite up there..
this makes me wonder how long Tohoshinki will be catching up with this going forth from Japan and Korea in the years to come. I have faith in Tohoshinki but I guess I'm a bit worried, I also hear things such as not a lot of japan residents listen to them because of their accent? Now I''m starting to wonder how BoA got so popular? Did she perfect her japanese accent or just appear on a lot of Japanese shows? How do you think our boys are doing in Japan?
bunny alfred
posted with permission*

You're invited to the 2nd annual TVXQ fanmeeting located in Annandale, Virginia!

(banner here)

Contests, prizes, Freebies, and more!

When: August 16, 2008
Where: Unknown for now

The reason the location is not confirmed is because we need at least 50 people or more to PRE-REGISTER by JULY 1, 2008. If we do not achieve that amount of attendees the fanmeeting will be canceled. The locations needed for the fanmeeting are very expensive and we do not want to even bother if only 10 people show up because of all the hassles to set up this one fanmeeting. (Please realize all the money for prizes, location, etc is coming from the staff's pockets to make this fanmeeting possible!)

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know^^

Please spread the word!
Hope to see you there!

website; [Fill out the Pre-reg form on the website]
30th-May-2008 01:09 am - REQUEST: Changmin in long hair

Can You guys help me!! By mistake I delate my pictures with Changmin in long hair ( I really loved this hairstyle) So I would like to ask You,if You can help me.Please!!