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[MOD POST] Virus Warning 
4th-Mar-2009 12:07 pm
이효리 ☆ » 오늘도 못된다
Just a quick heads up to let you know about a virus that has been going around LJ recently. angel_9_lives brought it to my attention last night, and some of you may have seen a mod post on super_junior about it.

Basically, this virus apparently has been targetting larger communities. There have been instances of entire comms having all of their posts completely whiped out, and obviously we don't want that to happen here.

If you see any posts made by myself, jaejin, enacting, elunia, hyungie, or angel_9_lives, please be sure to check the subject line. We will always label our posts with either [MOD POST] or some other suitable label, should we be posting new request masterposts/advertisements/etc. If anything seems kind of fishy in the post itself, and/or the [MOD POST] label is missing, please PM or email one of us right away, and we will either delete it, or confirm that the post is legit.

For more information about this, check out this post here.

Thanks guys :)
5th-Mar-2009 06:20 am (UTC)
Think it works on personal LJs too? O_O Dang. BUt I don't get the criteria for trap posts. How do we tell?
5th-Mar-2009 07:38 am (UTC)
I haven't heard anything about it affecting personal LJs as of yet, no. It's possible that it could, but as far as I know, right now it is only affection large communities.

The "trap" posts basically say something along the lines of "I am stepping down as moderator; I have decided to no longer use LJ as my platform for my community" and then provides links which basically lead you to the virus. If you check out the post I linked to, there's more specific info about it there.
5th-Mar-2009 10:49 am (UTC)
Awesome. Thanks a ton :D I'll keep that in mind. :D